About Me

KentuckyOver the 20 years that I have spent as a private investigator, I have handled a lot of different types of cases and a significant number of these involved skip tracing assignments. Simply put, this is where the client needs the contact information of an individual or a bunch of people. Such investigations are launched for a myriad of reasons.

For example, not only have I worked with establishments that offered bail bonds but also with the police, helping them locate suspects who are on their most wanted list. My most prolific body of work with a law enforcement agency has been with the Denton Police. I still maintain an active association with their Sheriff’s Office and several bail bond agencies in Texas and Florida.

On the other side of the skip tracing fence are individuals who want to reconnect with their friends and family. They are usually happy with current contact details and I ensure that they get the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Lawyers, realtors and agents who repossess vehicles of loan defaulters have all sought my investigative services from time to time. For lawyers, I have taken on tasks that involved locating defaulters of child and spousal support payments as well as people who stood to gain from being found, such as the heirs named in a will.

Realtors required me to find the first or previous owners of a property along with the contact information of such individuals. As for auto repossession agents, they wanted to get their hands on the vehicle owned by defaulters and hence needed their address.

I have located subjects for individuals and genealogy research agencies. Needless to say there was no streak of criminality in these cases as the subjects to be located were usually friends or family members that the client had lost touch with. Of course, I have also worked on forming the family tree for genealogy researchers and have collected information pertaining to genetic illnesses in a family line.

So, if you have any such requirements, rest assured that I can help you to find the person in question. All you have to do is give me the last known information of the subject and I will start working on collecting more recent details pertaining to him/her.

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