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Getting details on Louisville, KY arrests

When it comes to information on arrests in Louisville, KY, the police are very generous about sharing their booking log with the public. However, details on warrants are another ball game. So, don’t expect too much from an online warrant search.

In fact, at least at this time, there is no option to access the warrant list for Louisville online. However, you can access criminal court records from the State Court of Justice’s website. In addition to case information, you can also find the court docket through this portal. Listed below are the websites and agencies that you can visit to access arrest records and information on warrants…

As discussed earlier, an arrest inquiry is fairly easy. All you have to do is access the inmate search at This is a simple arrest app that can be launched merely with the last name of the subject. Of course, you can narrow down the results by using the first name and the date of birth of your subject. 

In response to your query, you will get a list of all inmates who match the search criteria if you have used the last name for the inquiry. The list provides the full name of the detainee along with his booking and inmate numbers, the date and time of arrests and identifier details.

If you want to access the arrest report of a particular inmate, click on his name or inmate number and complete the “Captcha” on the next page and you will be redirected to the subject-wise arrests records.

You can also access the booking log for a specific time frame by using the app feature at

Where should you go to get information on Louisville warrants?

As far as the law enforcement agencies of the area are concerned, they do not offer the facility for a warrant search. However, you can find limited details on outstanding warrants from Louisville through their most wanted list. 

The page has a bunch of mugshots and clicking on the photograph of any defendant will get you access to a concise criminal records file of the person.

Another way to launch a warrant check is by accessing the criminal court records for the area.   The judicial records lookup tool is available at This app allows you access to limited criminal and civil case records and you only need the full name or the date of birth and last name of the subject to initiate the search.

To get the complete criminal history records, you will have to use the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) judicial records search service. This will cost you $25. You can find more information on this service at

Crime stats for Louisville, Kentucky

It’s often called one of the most dangerous US cities to live in and sadly, this status hasn’t changed in recent years. Till 2016, the city of Louisville, had a violent crime rate that was a whopping 70% higher than national average and a property crime rate that was 80% higher than the national figures. On average, about 30,000 property crimes and nearly 5,000 violent crimes occur in the metropolitan area.