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Information pertaining to criminal history is gathered and maintained by the Kentucky State Police. The Crime and Justice Information Service (CJIS) is the system used for the public dissemination of data pertaining to conviction. Although a state with some of the most progressive Sunshine laws, Kentucky State Police does not have the liberty to accept third party inquiries. In other words, the CJIS can only be used to procure a personal background report.

Because the search results of such an inquiry are considered an official response from the KSP, they can be furnished when procuring a job in sectors where a criminal history report is demanded as part of the initial employment screening procedure. A fee of $20 will be charged for all such inquiries and if you need to get the report notarized there will be additional charged for this service.

You can get in touch with the Records Division of the KSP at 502-227-8700 for such details. Alternatively, you could write to them at:

919, Versailles RoadFrankfurt, KY 40601502-695-6300.

Additional details about the criminal history check procedure can be found on the departments’ website . Also, you can get downloadable copies of all official forms required to file a request for the warrant search through this website.

Different from the reports offered by other state police agencies, KSP will only provide details pertaining to conviction in their background check response. In fact, if a person has been arrested but was not found guilty, information about him will not be included in the report.

Similarly, if an arrest occurred but the matter did not go to trial, details on such arrests will also not be made a part of the background report. The response form that a person receives from the KSP will just say if conviction and criminal history records are found in the name of the subject.

Criminal history records maintained by the judiciary

While the process of getting crime history data from the KSP is cumbersome and highly restrictive, fortunately, it is also possible to find details about arrest records and warrant issued from the judiciary. The best part is that the official website of Kentucky courts has the provision for an online search.

To use this facility, visit You can initiate an inquiry by furnishing the name of the defendant or case details. Because a warrant is only issued after a proper hearing is held to analyze the evidence collected by the police, you can also find information pertaining to the issue of these judicial orders in the court dockets database.

Of course, details on cases that have already resulted in a conviction or an acquittal can also be procured through this search tool. In fact, you will be able to gather details on civil matters through this web tool as well.

For an ‘in person’ inquiry, you will have to go to the Administrative office of the Kentucky courts at:

Administrative Office of the Courts100 Millcreek ParkFrankfort, KY 40601

You will need to fill out the right form to get access to the required information.Form RU-004 is typically used for personal background reports, inquiries on third parties and employee checks by non profits.While requesting a criminal history report, you will need to furnish such details as the name and address of the subject along with his/her social security number and date of birth.

Information will also have to be offered about the applicant of the inquiry even if it’s an organization. A fee of $10 to $25 will have to be incurred depending on the form you fill; unless you have placed the request with form RU-007.