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An outstanding warrant from Kentucky is a legal authorization handed over to the police to detain a person accused of a crime till such time that he can be brought before the court for a bail hearing. All warrants issued in the state come from local tribunals with jurisdiction in criminal matters.

Am arrest directive remains active for a period of 10 days after its issue; till this point information pertaining to this order is only held by the police, the magistrate’s court which issued the warrant and the county clerk’s department. After this, the detention decree is moved to the outstanding warrants category and information about individuals who have such warrants to their name is sent to the FBI for inclusion in the national crime database.

An outstanding warrant from Kentucky will be held back in the police system for as long as takes to bring the accused to justice. So, it is not unusual to find arrest decrees which are several decades old with the office of the county sheriff. Also, unlike bench warrants which are generally issued by civil tribunals, orders for detention released in felony cases are free from the restriction of geography.

So, an outstanding warrant can be served in any part of the country. In fact, one of the reasons for providing information pertaining to these directives to law enforcement officials throughout the country is so that the support of all peace officers can be rallied to detain the accused. Although the FBI hosted central crime repository is accessible to all police personnel, the same facility is not offered to civilians looking for a warrant search.

Looking for Kentucky outstanding arrest orders

Warrants related information can be availed from the office of the local sheriff’s department, the county clerk’s department or the magistrate’s office that issued the order. However, in case of all three agencies, you will have to put in formal request for the inquiry and such a petition will have to be filed by visiting the agency office in person.

If you are not investigating a certain individual but would just like to know about the offenders who have outstanding arrest orders to their name, going through county specific most wanted lists will certainly help. Some of the law enforcement agencies that offer this information through their websites include:

Shelby County:

Hardin County:

Madison County:

Fayette County:

Kentucky arrest records and inmate information

A simple way to find details on warrants that have already been served is to browse through the database hosted by the Kentucky Department of Corrections. This agency has been providing information on state detention records since 1980. They can offer data on prisoners serving time in all 14 correctional facilities maintained by the DOC. You can find information on inmates from their website at

Known as the KOOL service (Kentucky Online Offender Look up), you can get data on the name of the prisoner along with any aliases used by him, the charges framed against him, sentencing details and incarceration related information including parole and release dates and the facility where the inmate is being held. This is a name based inquiry; however, you can also use the DOC number given to the prisoner to find him through the correctional system.

It is also possible to find details on people with prior arrest records in the state of Kentucky who have been accused of sexual crimes through the state’s sex offender registry. This database contains information on all offenders who have been accused of predatory and sexually violent criminal acts. To know if your subject is s registered sex offender, you can look for his / her name on Kentucky State police sex/criminal offender registry.