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Kentucky is an open records state, so all public records are accessible to civilian applicants including information on criminal history which can be procured from various sources. Given the provisions of the Freedom of Information act of the state, it is not only possible to get a personal crime history report from law enforcement and judicial agencies but also find information on warrants issued against third parties.

In the Kentucky Criminal Code, an active warrant has been defined as a court issued order that authorizes cops to commit the accused to custody and bring him before the tribunal for a bail hearing. Although arrests can also occur without a formal warrant being issued against the alleged offender, there has to be clear probable cause to back detention that is effected through the use of judicial orders and also those arrests which are made without a warrant.

A Kentucky arrest warrant

All warrants issued in the state will be written court orders to book the accused. These documents along with the original affidavit filed by the cops are sent to the court services division of the sheriff’s office that files the plea for the warrant. The warrant will mandatorily have such details as the name of the person to be apprehended and his physical description or any identifying traits that will help the police to nab him.

If his name and current address are unknown, any information to this respect that is available at the time of warrant issue will be included in the order. Apart from this, all active warrants will have a clear mention of the charges that are being filed against the alleged offender. The document will bear the signature of the magistrate who issued the order along with the name of the state and the county in which it was released and the date on which it was issued.

An active warrant will also have a clear directive to detain the individual who is being accused of a criminal act. A police officer does not need to have the warrant on his person when taking an offender into his custody. However, if such a document has been released against the offender, it will have to be produced if and when the person in questions makes a request to see it.

Gathering data pertaining to Kentucky arrest warrants

There are scores of government and private agencies that will be happy to undertake a warrant search on your behalf. Everybody from the state law enforcement department to the clerk of court’s office in your county can be contacted for a warrant inquiry. However, by virtue of the fact that most people prefer to get information on crime history over the internet, here are the names and details of a few agencies that offer online warrant information.

If your inquiry is generic in nature and does not involve a specific person, you can always check out at Kentucky’s most wanted list which is put up on the official site of the state police. This will help you to get information on suspects who have been evading the law.

The information given about offenders on this page will include a picture of the accused along with personal identifying description and case information, arresting officer and the date on which a warrant against this individual was issued.

Another way to get a search underway for arrest warrants issued in specific counties is through the sheriffs’ websites of these areas. Although this facility is not offered by all county level justice agencies, some do provide the tools for an online inquiry, for example

Boyd County: