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An arrest warrant search in Adair County will list all detentions in the name of the accused. Although the police prefer to apprehend individuals under the provisions of an active warrant, this may not be the ideal scenario every time. To ensure that the requirement for an active warrant does not turn into a hindrance for law enforcement agents, the provision of warrantless arrests has been added to the criminal code of KY.

An officer will make arrests in public without a warrant if he has reasonable cause to believe that a felony has been commissioned and the person to be detained has committed this act. Also, arrests without warrants will be made in DUI cases and when a person is found to be in possession of drugs or illegal arms during a stop and search.

If the accused is found in a public place, he can be detained at any time, even if the outstanding warrant against him was issued in connection with a misdemeanor. However, if the police need to enter the home of a suspect to effect his detention, even with a misdemeanor warrant in hand, they have to make the arrest in the 6 am to 10 pm time margin.

The judge can, of course, do away with these restrictions. When the active warrant is issued in a felonious matter, there are no limitations on the detention order. This is done because felonies are serious offenses, and the law does not want to inadvertently grant the accused time to flee the county. To find information on Adair County arrest records and outstanding warrants, you can approach:

  • The sheriff’s: 500 Public Square Crthse, Columbia, Kentucky 42728
  • The magistrate’s: 111 Campbellsville St, Columbia, KY 42728
  • The county clerk’s: 424 Public Square, Columbia, Kentucky 42728

How do you obtain details pertaining to Adair County warrants and arrests? (Revised in 2021)         

  • Information on recent arrests: 270- 384-5701
  • Judicial records: 270- 384-2626
  • Accident and/or arrest report from the Sheriff’s Office: 270- 384-2776
  • Details about outstanding warrants: 270- 384-0154
  • Details on assistance available to crime victims: 270-384-3216

Crime statistics of Adair County

In 2019, the Adair County Sheriff’s Department dealt with about 6 criminal complaints. Of these, 5 were for property crimes. There were 3 cases of larceny theft, 1 incident of burglary, and 1 case of motor vehicle theft in this category. Allegations of aggravated assault resulted in the filing of 1 violent crime complaint.

Between 2004 and 2008, an estimated 330 criminal acts were committed in Adair County, Kentucky. However, only 7% of these incidents were violent at approximately 28 cases. Also, through this period, there was a growth of 25% in the rate of violent criminal activity.