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Oldham County arrest warrants can be found offline and online; if you are willing to put in some legwork, you can approach no less than 3 justice agencies that can get a warrant search done on your behalf. The police and the county clerk’s office, along with the magistrate’s office, are legally bound to disseminate information about local arrest records and warrants.

Yet, this statutory provision may mean little for an average guy looking for information on Oldham County active warrants. Because a complete criminal history report can only be availed by institutional applicants that offer care and other health-related services to disabled individuals, kids, and older adults, if you are a civilian inquirer, the database of the state agencies will be out of reach for you.

However, do not let this legal constraint limit you from getting a warrant search done in Oldham County. If not through a state agency, you can always seek information on locally issued outstanding warrants through a private entity.

For instance, take a look at the form displayed on top of this webpage. Offering the information requested through this form will help you access a third-party database of arrest records. In fact, when looking for the county active warrants through this source, you will also be able to assimilate crime history information on your subject from other parts of the country because the repository contains nationwide records.

However, if you want to merely get information on arrest warrants from the area and are not particularly concerned about past arrest records, you can also take your search to a county justice agency. The addresses of these state departments are listed below:

  • Law enforcement: 100 W Jefferson St, Lagrange, Kentucky 40031
  • Judiciary: 100 W Main St, La Grange, KY 40031
  • County clerk: 100 West Jefferson Street, La Grange, Kentucky 40031

Through the five-year interval from 2004 to 2008, an estimated 3000 crimes occurred in Oldham County, KY. Of these, less than 1% were violent in nature which is better than almost all other state counties.

In fact, annually, only about 23 criminal complaints are filed against violent crime in the area. However, the rise of nearly 40% in this crime category and an increase of almost 60% in reported criminal cases has left most residents worried.