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At the outset of any research project, the hope is that there will be one centralized source for all the information needed about a topic. Unfortunately, a Butler County, KY arrest warrant search has no such magical font of information. There are less than 30 crimes reported to law enforcement authorities each year in Butler County, and almost none of them are violent types of crimes such as homicide or rape. However, a low crime rate does not mean there are no outstanding warrants in the county.

The three most likely sources in Butler County for information on active warrants and arrests are the county jail, the county court clerk, and the county sheriff’s office. If the information sought is still not found after contacting those offices, research should continue on the state level, going to Kentucky Court records online sources (http://kcoj.kycourts.net/CourtRecords/Search.aspx).

The Butler County Jail houses more than 125 individuals in any year. The likeliest resource of arrest records information and active warrant information is the jail’s online inmate search database. By going to their site and clicking on “Current Inmates,” researchers may find all they need on arrests and warrants. However, before accessing the information, all users must review and acknowledge a disclaimer. The disclaimer states the information listed is disclosed pursuant to the Kentucky Open Records Act of 1992. The disclaimer provides that no warranty is made as to the information. Nothing on the site is to be taken as indicating a person was convicted of offenses listed. It further states: “Any unauthorized use of this information is forbidden and subject to criminal prosecution. “Only after clicking “YES” next to the statement “Have You Read The Disclaimer?” is access to inmate information permitted. Users may access information on both current and past inmates. The information on each inmate includes charges, incarceration information, and a detailed listing of identifying information. The page has a long list of inmates, and by clicking on a name, a record appears. Users may also enter an individual’s name to find a record.

If the online system fails to complete the Butler County arrest records search or inquiry into outstanding warrants, the jail’s contact information is:

Butler County Jail

P. O. Box 609, 110 N. Main St.

Morgantown, KY 42261

(270) 526-3757 – Fax

The next resource for information on outstanding warrants and arrests is Butler County’s Circuit Court Clerk. The clerk’s website is http://butlercounty.ky.gov/Pages/default.aspx, and the office’s contact information is:

P. O. Box 625, 110 N. Main St.

Morgantown, KY 42261

(270) 526-6763 – Fax

E-mail: melissacardwell et kycourts.net

The clerk’s office maintains office hours from 8 AM to 4 PM, Monday through Friday. The Butler County Circuit Court Clerk handles the court records for the courts in the jurisdiction, including those for the circuit court, which would handle most criminal matters involving arrest warrants and arrests.

Finally, the county law enforcement agency is a possible resource for outstanding arrest warrants information. Still, it is one place some individuals may shy away from contacting, especially if it is a warrant containing their name that is being researched. Nonetheless, as that office handles many of the arrest warrants for Butler County, KY, the sheriff’s deputies may be the best people with the best information on warrants in the county and throughout Kentucky. The county sheriff’s office is located in the Butler County Courthouse. Their mailing address is P. O. Box 100, 110 N. Main St., Morgantown, KY 42261. The sheriff may be reached by email at sward et butlercoky. com.

What are your options for finding details on warrants and recent arrests from Butler County over the phone? (2021-current)  

  • If you are interested in learning about recent arrests, contact the Butler County Jail at 270-526-3505.
  • If you want to learn about active warrants, call the District Court at 270- 298-3235.
  • If you need an accident or arrest report, contact the Butler County Sheriff’s Office at 270- 526-3676.
  • If you need victim’s assistance, contact the Butler County Attorney at 270-526-3316.
  • If you want more information about obtaining criminal court records, connect with the Clerk’s Office at 270- 526-5631.

Crime statistics of Butler County

In 2019, about 34 criminal complaints were filed in Butler County. About 32 of them were for property crimes like larceny-theft (15), burglary (10), and car thefts (7). The 2 cases filed in the violent crime category were against aggravated assault.