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An active warrant is issued on the basis of a sworn affidavit which comes from the office of the sheriff. Because this document not only contains information on the crime but also on the victims, witnesses and the perpetrators, it’s kept hidden away from public view. So, an arrest warrant search in Allen County, KY will not get you access to this writ.

However, what you can find through your inquiry is if an outstanding warrant currently exists in the name of your subject; all arrest records from Allen County in the name of this person and information on how specific cases were disposed, time spent in incarceration facilities and when this individual was released from prison.

For the inquiry on arrests, you will have to make your way to the office of a local judicial entity or law enforcement in person. While this approach may seem cumbersome at first glance, remember that the added effort will get you more in terms of information. An example of this is offered by the office of the county clerk.

This agency will be only too happy to provide results from their civil court dockets database when needed. This means that you will not only be able to find out about any criminal cases that were started against the accused but also about civil litigations. The police and the court of the magistrate can similarly offer additional details pertaining to criminal history. To find these agencies, head over to:

  • The Police: 194 Wood Street, Scottsville, Kentucky 42164
  • The court: 201 W Main St, Scottsville, KY 42164
  • The clerk of court: 201 West Main Street, Room 6, Scottsville, Kentucky 42164

In the years to come, the crime situation for Allen County, Kentucky is expected to become more worrisome given the growth of 55% in violent crime and 65% in reported criminal acts.Then, there is the annual crime rate of the area which stands at 100 incidents and is certainly nothing to write home about.