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Although there is no dearth of options for conducting an arrest warrant search in Lewis County, KY, none of the agencies that entertain requests for crime history data offer this information online. In fact, their requirement of having applicants visit the agency office in person is what makes such inquiries cumbersome.

Although there are a few benefits to taking the trouble of driving down to the state department in question, a lot of people would still like to check for arrest warrants online. In fact, this preference has given rise to an entire industry of information vendors. The form you see on top of this webpage will get you access to a privately maintained database of active warrants and arrest records.

The repository is extensive and reliable; the only problem is that, like with the other service providers in the sector, you won’t receive a formal background report. On the other hand, if you were to approach the office of the county clerk, the magistrate, or the sheriff, you would not only get your criminal history results in black and white but also you could get them notarized.

Of course, the fact that you could gather a lot of supplemental information when at the state offices also raises the stock of these agencies. Ideally, you should consider the police for all inquiries strictly related to arrests and outstanding warrants from Lewis County. In contrast, the county clerk’s department, with its court dockets database, would be a good choice for inquires on arrest records as well as civil cases.

  • The sheriff’s: 514-2nd St, Vanceburg, Kentucky 41179
  • The magistrate’s: 112 2nd St, Vanceburg, KY 41179
  • The county clerk’s: PO Box 129, Vanceburg, Kentucky 41179

About 100 criminal complaints are taken to the police of Lewis County, Kentucky, every year, and nearly 7% of these cases are filed in reference to violent criminal acts. Between 2004 and 2008, reported criminal activity grew by over 50%, but the truly alarming rise was seen in violent crime figures, which went up by 100%.