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The police offer arrest warrant search in Gallatin County, KY as a way of dealing with criminal elements that mingle about incognito in the society. Justice and law enforcement agencies concur on empowering members of the community with information that will help them to keep anti social elements away.

To this effect, certain crime history information is made a part of public records and is disseminated casually among people. This usually includes information on arrests and the issue of active warrants connected to cases that ended in a guilty verdict, driving records pertaining to DUI charges, information on sex offenders and the most wanted criminals in the area.

To find all crime related data, it would help to connect with the office of the sheriff. Because the police put in the petition for the issue of arrest warrants and eventually execute these orders, they have all information pertaining to Gallatin County arrest records and detention orders.

Of course, you could also request the judiciary to furnish this data. The office of the magistrate is one of the agencies that keeps crime history data such as details on outstanding warrants and arrests in addition to information about other legal provisions such as criminal summons, subpoenas, bench warrants and search orders.

The county clerk’s office with its court dockets database goes one step further and not only has information on criminal matters but also civil cases. These agencies can be contacted in person or through mail at the following addresses:

  • The sheriff’s: 106 W Main Street, Warsaw, Kentucky 41095
  • The magistrate’s: 100 W Main St, Warsaw, KY 41095
  • The county clerk’s: PO Box 1309, Warsaw, Kentucky 41095

An estimated 60 criminal complaints are filed in Gallatin County, Kentucky every year. Of these cases,approximately 6, at 10% of the annual incident rate, are violent. As far as this specific crime category goes,assaults gave the most cause for concern with approximately 5 complaints filed against such crimes every year.