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If only it were possible to conduct an arrest warrant search in Trimble County, KY online, there would be many more takers for crime history data. However, there is a reason why state agencies are averse to the prospect of providing information on outstanding warrants and arrest records through their websites.

Because this is the exact information that law enforcement agencies are given access to, it can easily be put to unscrupulous use by criminals. For instance, a person who has an arrest warrant from Trimble County to his name can find out about the order and flee the area. Similarly, identity thieves can use the pristine background report of a person to indulge in nefarious activity.

However, because state agencies ask applicants to produce a valid photo ID and even provide a reason for conducting the inquiry on outstanding warrants from Trimble County, there is minimal scope for data misuse. Another scenario to consider is when a person involved in a minor legal transgression is concerned about an active warrant in his name.

For such investigations, you can use the form above to get you access to a private database of information on arrests and warrants. For inquiries through state agencies, you can go to:

  • Law enforcement agency: 30 Hwy 42 Trimble County Courthouse, Bedford, Kentucky 40006
  • The county magistrate: As above
  • The clerk of court: PO Box 262, Bedford, Kentucky 40006

Is there any way to get information about Trimble County active warrants and arrests over the phone? (2021-Update)      

  • For accessing arrests details and inmate search- 502-255-7448.
  • For requesting police reports and arrest records- 502- 255-7138.
  • For inquiring about active warrants- 502-255-3525.
  • For judicial records search- 502- 255-3213.            
  • For victims assistance offered by Trimble County Attorney’s Office- 502-255-3331.

Crime statistics of Trimble County

In 2019, the Trimble Sheriff’s Department filed approximately 11 criminal reports. Property offenses accounted for all 11 recorded crimes. Cases were filed against 4 larceny-thefts, 4 burglaries and 3 motor vehicle thefts.

Older crime statistics

Trimble County, Kentucky, is another area of the state with crime rates in the lower twenties. In fact, only one incident of violent crime is reported in the area per annum. Also, there has been little movement in the rates of this crime category between 2004 and 2008. However, reported crime did grow by 12%.