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The fact that Caldwell County, KY has fewer than 300 crimes reported each year, with only a small percentage of those crimes categorized as violent crimes, may be an indicator of why there is no centralized source for an arrest warrant search particular to Caldwell County.

The Caldwell County Sheriff has a webpage at, and while the page has information on how to contact the sheriff’s office, there are no links to lists of active warrants, executed arrest warrants, or arrest records. However, as stated on their webpage, as the chief law enforcement officer of the county, the sheriff deals with outstanding warrants for arrests every day. The sheriff’s office serves the warrants and court summonses associated with the Caldwell County courts.

To reach the Caldwell County Sheriff for information on arrests, active warrants, a list of most-wanted individuals, or other related matters, call 270-365-2088. The office fax number is 270-365-6177. Their mailing address is Caldwell County Courthouse, 100 East Market Street, 2nd Floor, Princeton, KY 42445. The sheriff’s email address is ccso47 et caldwellcourthouse. com.

Should the sheriff’s office fail to supply the information sought, going to the state level for Caldwell County arrest warrants data makes the most sense. The Kentucky Judicial Branch has a website, and at, users may access criminal record reports. Information in reports likely varies; however, looking into criminal records may help ascertain the status of outstanding warrants and see if there are criminal arrest records for certain individuals in Kentucky.

The Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) of Kentucky maintains the statewide database of court records from each of the counties in Kentucky. The database covers 1978 to the present for felony matters and records misdemeanors for at least the previous five years. Requests for information may be made through the AOCFastCheck system (a link appears on the previously listed webpage), which allows for receiving search results online or through the U. S. mail.

Information from the Kentucky AOC may also be requested in person at their administrative office, 1001 Vandalay Drive, Frankfort. They even have a drive-through window for making such requests. Keep in mind that while there is no guarantee that the AOC’s information will include anything on Caldwell County arrest warrants, it is still worth exploring this option. Information may also be obtained through the mail by sending a request to the Administrative Office of the Courts, Records Unit, 1001 Vandalay Drive, Frankfort, KY 40601. Regardless of the method used, there is a $20 fee for a record request, payable by credit or debit card or by cash or check.

Who should you be calling for details about Caldwell County warrants and recent arrests? (Updated in 2021)

  • In order to do a warrant search, call the District Court at 270- 365-6656.
  • In order to learn about arrests, contact the local jail at 270- 365-6790.
  • In order to learn about the process for requesting an arrest report or a criminal background check, contact the Sheriff’s Office at 270- 365-2088.
  • In order to connect with Victim/Witness Services, contact the Victim’s Advocate at 270- 365-5613.
  • In order to request certified copies of judicial records, contact the Clerk of Court at 270- 365-6884.

Crime statistics of Caldwell County

In 2019, the Sheriff’s Department of Caldwell County dealt with about 24 criminal complaints. Property offenses accounted for 22 of the complaints. There are 12 larceny-theft cases, 4 burglary cases, and 6 vehicle theft cases in this category. The violent crime category comprised 2 cases of assault.