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Launching an arrest warrant search in Fleming County, KY, will get you all the data you need about the criminal cases that the subject was involved in. Typically, an inquiry of this nature will bring back results on active warrants and arrest records. Apart from this, the applicant will also find details on the disposition of criminal matters.

Depending on the agency that you approach, a lot of supplemental data is also up for grabs. For instance, the police investigate crimes, petition the court for active warrants and make arrests. So, they will have information on all of these plus crime figures for the area. Also, you will get to check out the most wanted list by visiting the agency office.

On its part, the magistrate’s court hears all civil and criminal matters, issues arrest warrants in Fleming County and other judicial instruments. It is in charge of sentencing after the jury has given its verdict. So, like with the sheriff’s office, you will get details on all things and act under the magistrate’s jurisdiction through the agency office.

As far as the county clerk’s office goes, this department can offer the best of all worlds because they gather information from the police and the courtrooms. This information eventually gets stored in the court dockets database, and the department has no problems in sharing the data in this repository with civilians. So, to get your inquiry on arrests and outstanding warrants from Fleming County underway, you can go to:

  • The sheriff’s: 115 W Main St, Flemingsburg, Kentucky 41041
  • The magistrate’s: 201 Court Sq, Flemingsburg, KY 41041
  • The county clerk’s: PO Box 324, Flemingsburg, Kentucky 41041

How do you contact state agencies over the phone for an arrest report or information about warrants from Fleming County? (Updated-2021)       

  • To request information about active warrants, contact the District Court at 606-845-7011.
  • To inquire about recent arrests, call the Fleming County Jail at 606-845-8801.
  • To get local arrest records, contact the Sheriff’s Office at 606- 845-4701.
  • To communicate with Victim/Witness Services, contact the Victim’s Advocate at 606- 845-0014.
  • To get a certified copy of judicial records, contact the Court Clerk at 606- 845-7011.


Crime statistics of Fleming County

The Sheriff’s Office of Fleming County handled approximately 14 criminal matters in 2019. Of the total number of complaints filed, around 12 were against property crimes while 2 were against violent crimes.

With 8 cases, larceny-theft had the highest occurrence rate of all property crimes. Burglary brought in around 4 complaints. Aggravated assault led to the 2 cases against violent crimes.

Older crime statistics


Fleming County, Kentucky, has a distinctly low crime rate of fewer than 100 cases per annum. About 5% of all cases lodged in a year are against violent criminal acts. From 2002 onwards, there was a systematic growth of over 80% in violent crimes and over 50% in reported crimes.