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When searching for Franklin County, Kentucky arrest records, it is common for people to get in touch with the police department. However, did you know that information on locally issued arrest warrants can also be sought from the office of the magistrate?

In fact, not just the representative of the sitting judge but also a deputy from the department of the county clerk will be able to find information on Franklin County outstanding warrants for you. Actually, quite often, it makes more sense to approach the judiciary than the local law enforcement agency as the latter can get more extensive data o the subject for you.

For example, the magistrate’s court will not only offer records pertaining to Franklin County active warrants but also you can request them to provide information on other legal instruments issued against your subject such as bench warrants, summons, search orders and others.

Similarly, the office of the county clerk which hosts the court dockets database will be able to get information pertaining to criminal and civil matters. If the idea of connecting with these justice agencies does not sit well with you, it is always possible to get these details through a third party website. To get in touch with these agencies, you can use the following addresses:

  • Police: 218 Saint Clair Street, Frankfort, Kentucky 40601
  • The court: As given above
  • The clerk of court: 315 West Main Street, Frankfurt, Kentucky 40602

If you are looking for a reliable database of arrest records and other crime history information which can be used for a Franklin county, use the form above. This repository is as reliable as any state maintained database of arrest warrants. You will have to incur a small, onetime charge to use this records collection for a set period of time.

From 2004 to 2008, almost 1200 criminal complaints were lodged in Franklin County, KY each year. Nearly 9% of these incidents were violent in nature while the remaining cases were filed against matters pertaining to property theft and vandalism. Through the interval mentioned earlier, there was a miniscule, single digit growth in the number of reported crimes but violent criminal activity burgeoned by almost 25%.