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Clay County, Kentucky arrest warrants are exclusively issued when the police present an affidavit in court showing the probable cause available in the matter, which indicates the culpability of the accused. This writ contains information on all the evidence collected in the case and testimonies from witnesses and the victim.

If the proof presented in black and white is not enough for the court to base its decision on, the judge may call the witnesses and ask them to offer their sworn testimony. At this point, there are no jury members present, nor is the prosecution arguing the case in favor of the state. Yet, the pre-warrant hearing is an important step in the lifecycle of a criminal trial.

This process is undertaken to ensure that the constitutional rights of the accused are not undermined in any way, and an impartial judicial entity decides on the merits of the evidence and their adequacy to bring in the power of the state into the matter. Given that Clay county’s outstanding warrants stay valid for almost a century and are free from geographical limits, it is understandable why multiple government agencies would keep arrest records and active warrants-related information.

If you would like to get a warrant search in Clay done, try one of the government sources mentioned below. You can even find details on civil cases through the agencies mentioned further.

  • Police: 102 Richmond Rd Suite 100, Manchester, Kentucky 40962
  • The court: 102 Richmond Rd, Manchester, KY 40962
  • The clerk of court: 102 Richmond Road, Suite 101, Manchester, Kentucky 4096

Of the 150 criminal incidents reported in Clay County, KY, every year, just 7 are violent in nature, while instances of property crimes occupy the majority of the crime spectrum. Between 2004 and 2008, reported crime figures increased by almost 36%, but this was offset by the decrease of almost 120% in the violent crime rate.