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A warrant search is done in the hopes of finding information on criminal history. However, the report is baffling to most applicants because they go in with little information on the mechanism followed for arrest and the issue of active warrants in KY. Many live under the faulty assumption that the police can take anybody into custody.

Au contraire, strict limitations have been imposed on the police when it comes to effecting detentions without arrest warrants. This is done to ensure that cops don’t have the final say on who goes to jail and who stays out. The judiciary, while part of the justice juggernaut of the state, acts as an impartial entity when it comes to the issue of outstanding warrants in Lawrence County.

The magistrate accepts petitions from the sheriff’s department for the issue of warrants. The information in these affidavits is carefully studied, and if it is found to be adequate for showing clear culpability, an order for arrest is granted.

When arrest records about these directives reach the court, the judiciary begins to act in its capacity as the authoritative entity that rules in all criminal matters. To find out about Lawrence County warrants and arrests, you can go to:

  • The office of the sheriff: 122 S Main Cross St, Louisa, Kentucky 41230
  • The court of the magistrate: N Main Cross St, Louisa, KY 41230
  • The department of the county clerk: 122 South Main Cross Street, Louisa, Kentucky 41230

How do you connect with law enforcement agencies over the phone for a Lawrence County warrants search and arrests-data? (Checked in 2021)      

  • Jail Bookings, to know about recent arrests- 606-638-4213.
  • Sheriff’s Department, to request an arrest report and other crime related data- 606- 638-4368.
  • Court Clerk, for judicial records- 606- 638-4215
  • District Court, for details pertaining to active warrants- 606-638-4215.
  • Lawrence County Attorney’s Office, for victim’s assistance- 606- 638-4051.

Crime statistics of Lawrence County

Lawrence County’s yearly crime average increased by 25% in 2019, to 45 incidents. The annual violent crime rate stood at 3, and included 2 robberies and 1 serious assault.

More than 16 of the complaints made against property crimes were for larceny-theft, while over 11 were for burglaries.

Older crime statistics

The crime figures of Lawrence County, Kentucky, indicate that the local police need to do a lot more to make the area safer for its residents. With an annual incidents average of 50 cases and crime rates that are touching levels that are a massive 100% higher than those of previous years, it is obvious that the law and order situation could have better.