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Active warrants from KY are only issued when the police have evidence to show a magistrate that the incident that occurred is criminal in nature. Based on the proof alone, it can be inferred that this criminal act was a handiwork of the accused. This is one of the prime reasons why Marion County arrest warrant searches are as popular as they are.

An inquiry of this nature gets applicants details on the issue of all types of detention directives, so whether the subject has a bench warrant in his name which was released by civil tribunals or an active warrant that was issued in connection with a serious felony, details on all of these will be included in the background report.

What is more, Marion County arrest records are also handed out. In fact, if you were to take your warrant search to the county clerk’s departments, you can also access the civil court dockets. These are court records that will tell you about any insurance, divorce, or corporate matter that the subject is involved in.

There are two approaches to conducting inquiries into active warrants and arrest records from Marion County; you can either go to a state agency mentioned below or fill the form you see on top of this page. This will get you access to a private database of criminal history information. To approach state agencies for your inquiry on outstanding warrants and arrests, go to:

  • The Police: 223 N. Spalding Ave, STE: 101, Lebanon, Kentucky 40033
  • The court: 120 W Main St, Lebanon, KY 40033
  • The clerk of court: 120 West Main Street Suite 3, Lebanon, Kentucky 40033

How do you request information on Marion County warrants and arrests over the phone? (As of 2021)  

  • To get arrest records, call the Marion County Sheriff’s Office at 270- 692-3051.
  • To get information about recent arrests, call the Marion County Jail at 270- 692-5802.
  • To conduct a warrants search, call the District court at 270-465-0367/270-465-8424.
  • To know how to obtain criminal case records, call the Clerk of Court’s office at 270- 692-2681.
  • To get victim assistance information, contact the Marion County Attorney’s Office at 270-692-1260.

Crime statistics of Marion County

In 2019, Marion County’s crime rate decreased by 27%. Around 3 of the 52 complaints were filed against violent people. These involved 1 case of physical assault, and 2 cases of robbery. The annual crime average included about 49 complaints of property crimes. Among these were 23 cases of larceny-theft, 22 of burglary and 4 of car theft.

Older crime statistics

In the last few years, Marion County’s police, Kentucky, has been unable to control the stunning rise in crime rates across the area. While acts like murder and rape, which qualify as violent, recorded a growth of 80%, overall criminal activity surged by a massive 90%. So, the annual crime rate went from 40 incidents in 2005 to over 350 cases in 2008.