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Casey County arrest warrant searches are allowed under the Sunshine Laws of the state, which permit the release of crime history data and other public records to members of the community. Similarly, the issue of active warrants is governed by certain KY and federal laws that are designed to facilitate the detention of an accused while upholding the rights of the innocent.

In other words, these rules are meant to protect people from indiscriminate and illegal custodial detentions. However, they are also made so that the police can quickly seek judicial orders for arrests when need be. Pursuant to KY’s criminal code and the country, the sheriff’s department has to present a sworn writ in court to establish probable cause.

This document is studied by the magistrate to ensure that the proof is enough for the state to jump into the matter. If this can be established based on the words of the witnesses or the affidavit filed by the cops, the legal prerequisite is met for the release of the arrest warrant in Casey County. The magistrate then signs the directive putting it in power.

Information about outstanding warrants and arrest records is maintained by the state police, local sheriff’s offices, the departments of the county clerk, and of course, district courts. If you are interested in starting a criminal history inquiry, you can go to:

  • The office of the sheriff: PO Box 100, 625 Campbellsville Street, Liberty, Kentucky 42539
  • The court of the magistrate: 231 Courthouse Square, Liberty, KY 42539
  • The department of the county clerk: PO Box 310, Liberty, Kentucky 42539

Is there any way to get information about County active warrants and arrests over the phone? (2021-Update)    

  • 606-787-9097 – Call for information on recent arrests
  • 606-787-6510 – Call for a warrant search
  • 606- 787-6821 – Call to learn how to do a local criminal history check and/or request arrest records.
  • 606- 787-7100 – Call to contact Victim/Witness Services, phone
  • 606- 787-6510 – Call to learn the process for a case search

Crime statistics of Casey County

The Casey Sheriff’s Department received reports against 45 crimes in 2019, compared to 26 instances in 2018. There were 44 property offenses and 1 violent offense among them. The single complaint filed in the violent crime category was against assault.

Around 9 larceny-thefts, 27 burglaries, and 8 motor vehicle thefts were among the property offenses recorded.

Older crime statistics

From 2004 onwards, Casey County, Kentucky’s crime rates have held in the vicinity of 63 incidents. However, in the year 2008, this number did shoot up to touch 150 cases. So, in essence, violent crime rates deteriorated by 100% while there was a growth of almost 85% in reported crime.