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Perry County, Kentucky arrest warrants can be found with the sheriff’s office as the deputies of this agency are responsible for serving these legal orders. Also, once the alleged offender is taken into custody, it is the responsibility of the cops to ensure that they complete the investigative process through questioning and other means and hand this evidence over to the prosecution.

Apart from this, peace officers are entrusted with producing the offender before the tribunal that granted them the active warrant. However, the most important role that the cops play in this entire process is that of the applicant.

Although a criminal tribunal, regardless of its level in the judicial hierarchy, reserves the authority to issue the arrest order, the magistrate cannot sign the warrant unless he has an affidavit from the sheriff’s office specifically making a request for the directive.

In fact, even after the warrant is issued, and till such time that it is served, the police are responsible for holding all information about it and relaying this data to the FBI and any other law enforcement agencies that might require it. The sheriff’s office in your county will also respond to applications from the public for a Perry County warrant search.

Plus, the law enforcement agency will keep all arrest records when detention occurs under a warrant’s provisions and even when a suspect is taken into custody without such a directive. The magistrate’s court that actually issues the warrant and the county clerk’s office that keeps a record of it in the court dockets can also be approached for information on Perry County outstanding warrants. The addresses of these agencies have been listed below:

  • The sheriff: 481 Main Street, Hazard, Kentucky 41701
  • The magistrate: 481 E Main St, Hazard, KY 41701
  • The clerk of court: PO Box 150, Hazard, Kentucky 41701
  • Perry most wanted list:

How do you inquire about active warrants and recent arrests from Perry County over the phone? (2021-current)       

  • To seek a warrants search, call the District Court at 606- 435-6007.
  • For information on recent arrests, call the Perry County Detention Center at 606-436-0622.
  • To request an incident report, or arrest report, call the Sheriff’s Department at 606- 439-4523.
  • For victim’s assistance and information, call the Perry County Attorney’s Office at 606-436-4733.
  • To find out more about requesting criminal court records, call the Clerk of Court at 606- 435-6000.

Crime statistics of Perry County

The annual crime rate of Perry County increased by nearly 28% in 2019. The local police received approximately 46 complaints in 2018 while they registered 59 criminal cases in 2019. Property crimes led to the filing of 51 complaints while 8 cases were filed against violent crimes.

Older crime statistics

Of the over 1700 criminal acts reported in Perry County, KY, from 2004 to 2008, an estimated 100 were violent in nature. These figures can be used to calculate the overall annual crime rate, which stands at over 350 incidents, and the figures of violent crime, which are found to be at just over 20 occurrences.