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A Knox County, Kentucky warrant search will bring back results on just about every type of detention order issued against the subject. Yes, there is more than one legal provision that authorizes law enforcement agents to detain a person and hold him in custody till he can be brought before the court.

Included in this category are bench warrants which are generally issued by civil tribunals; these orders are released when a defendant fails to show up in court as ordered, when a person is released on bail but does not appear at the trial as needed or when an individual fails to follow a court directive. Tribunals of limited jurisdiction like family courts can also issue such decrees.

In contrast, Knox County active warrants are only released by criminal tribunals, and these are granted at the express request of the local sheriff’s office. Even when an affidavit for such an order is filed in court, it is the judge’s responsibility to carefully scrutinize all case-related facts to ensure that there is probable cause against the person who is being accused of the crime.

A pre warrant hearing is held to gauge the veracity of the evidence in the matter and the merit it will hold in the trial proper. Once released, such a decree is either immediately executed or stored in the police database as an outstanding warrant. When looking for arrest warrants from Knox County, you can head to the office of any state agency that was even remotely involved in the process of warrant issue. This would be:

  • The sheriff: 401 Court Sq Ste 108, Barbourville, Kentucky 40906
  • The magistrate: 401 Court Square, Barbourville, Kentucky 40906
  • The clerk of court: As above but Room 102

Criminal incident figures for Knox County are only available for the five years between 2004 and 2008. They show a distinctly rising trend with an increase of over 50% seen in the rates of both reported and violent criminal acts. Despite this, the annual crime figures are fairly low and seldom cross into the 300 incident mark.