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For an arrest warrant search in Harrison County, KY most people will tell you to head to the office of the sheriff and rightly so. The police not only investigate all criminal cases but also they file the sworn and signed affidavit that is required for the release of active warrants.This writ is the conclusion of all the efforts put in by the police to clarify the role of the accused in the crime.

The affidavit tells the judiciary why the incident in question was considered to be of a criminal nature in the first place. Thereafter it goes on to elucidate the role of the accused in the act. The police are careful to ensure that the evidence is enough for any layperson to draw a conclusion about the guilt of the alleged offender.

This very first thing that the judge will try to ascertain is the adequacy of the proof found; this should be enough to pin the crime on the accused. Known as the establishment of probable cause, this law has been inserted in the criminal code to ensure that arrests are not made without significant reasons and the approval of the judiciary.

A signed order for detention is known as an active warrant from Harrison County and this is stored in the policed database for as long as needed.Time only makes one difference to such directives; their name is changed to outstanding warrants when they are held back in the law enforcement database. To find information on warrants and arrest records, you can go to:

  • The Police: 113 West Pike Street, Cynthiana, Kentucky 41031
  • The court: 115 Court St, Cynthiana, KY 41031
  • The clerk of court: 190 West Pike StreetCynthiana, Kentucky 41031

The police of Harrison County, Kentucky have not been able to bring the crime scenario of Harrison County under control. Every year, from 2004 onwards, an estimated 420 criminal cases were lodged with the office of the sheriff and out of these 7% were matters filed against violent crimes.