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Information on Taylor County, Kentucky arrest warrants can be sought from the police or the judiciary. Because local law enforcement gets the ball rolling by submitting the probable cause affidavit, and since they are entrusted the responsibility of keeping all outstanding warrants from the area, this agency is bound to have all information about these judicial directives.

An active warrant from Taylor County can best be described as a judicial order issued to the local police to apprehend a person and present him before the tribunal for a formal hearing. While this decree is issued to one or two local officers, the order is valid across the nation. This means that a person can be picked up in any part of the country and at any time if there is an outstanding warrant from Taylor in his name.

Once arrested, the police will detain the alleged offender for no more than 48 hours before he is taken to court for a bail hearing. Arrest records for Taylor County, regardless of the nature of the detention, are held by the police and the court. The judiciary is apprised of the circumstances in which the accused was nabbed before the matter is brought for hearing.

So, if you are keen on getting a warrant search conducted, you can head to the sheriff’s offices, the magistrate, or the clerk of court. From the latter, you could also get information on the civil cases initiated against the subject.

  • Police: 203 S Court St, Campbellsville, Kentucky 42718
  • The court: 300 E Main St, Campbellsville, KY 42718
  • The clerk of court: 203 North Main Street, Suite 5, Campbellsville, Kentucky 42718

Is it possible to get information on Taylor County arrest warrants and recent arrests over the phone? (2021-Update)      

  • For information on arrests and inmates, call the phone number of the Taylor County Detention Center- 270- 789-1909.
  • For judicial records and a criminal case search, get in touch with the Clerk of the Circuit Court at 270- 465-8424.
  • For an arrest report, accident report or incident report, contact the Sheriff’s Department at 270- 465-4351.
  • For information on arrest warrants, contact the District Court at 270-465-6686.
  • For victim’s assistance, call the Victim’s Services Coordinator at 270- 465-8875.

Crime statistics of Taylor County

Around 161 criminal complaints were made with the Taylor County Sheriff’s Office in 2019. Nearly 148 of the cases involved property offenses. Approximately 74 larceny-theft complaints and around 63 burglary complaints were included in this total. Around 13 complaints were filed against violent offenses, such as homicide and serious assault.

Older crime statistics

Taylor County, KY, has a relatively high crime rate of over 550 incidents per year. To add to the woes of the residents, almost 40 of these reports are filed in violent matters, and there was a growth of almost 20% in this crime category. Fortunately, overall criminal figures increased only by a modest 4%.