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Anderson County, Kentucky active warrants are issued when the law enforcement agents submit a probable cause petition in court asking the tribunal to intervene in the case. While the execution of such judicial orders is left to the police and the court has the final say when it actually comes to releasing arrest warrants, the process for procuring the warrant is to be kick-started by the sheriff’s department.

This is done by filing a formal request with the local tribunal that handles criminal cases. At this point, the police take a backseat as the actual release of the active warrant is at the discretion of the sitting judge of the court that is approached for the active warrant. The judge studies the matter closely to ensure that there is enough proof to hold the accused responsible.

After the order’s release, it is sent to the court services wing of the local police. Here, it is stored in the police database as an outstanding warrant from Anderson County until it can be served. Along with the sheriff’s office, the issuing authority, which is the magistrate’s court, will also keep a copy of the warrant.

The county clerk’s office, which sends a deputy to record the proceedings in the court dockets, will also be in possession of arrest records and Anderson arrest warrants. In fact, even when you are looking for civil records, this agency can come to your rescue as they record all trial happenings, whether they are criminal or civil. A warrant search can be done by connecting with these agencies at:

  • The sheriff’s: 141 S Main, Lawrenceburg, Kentucky 40342
  • The magistrate’s: 151 S Main St, Lawrenceburg, KY 40342
  • The county clerk’s: 151 South Main Street, Lawrenceburg, Kentucky 40342

Can you access the Anderson County warrant list and arrest records over the phone? (Current in 2021)       

  • To know about recent arrests: Call the Anderson County Jail- 502- 839-6040
  • To find out about outstanding warrants: Call the District Court- 502- 633-4130  
  • To request an arrest report or an accident report: Call the Sheriff’s Department- 502- 839-4021
  • To inquire about victim’s assistance: Call the Office of the Anderson County Prosecuting Attorney- 502-839-5164
  • To know more about accessing criminal court records: Contact the Clerk’s Office- 502- 839-3508          

Crime statistics of Anderson County

Anderson County’s yearly crime average decreased by 70% in 2019, to 17 incidents. The annual violent crime rate stood at 2, both complaints in the category were filed against assault.

Of the 15 complaints filed against property crimes, 7 were for larceny-theft, while 4 were for burglaries.

A look at the crime figures of Anderson County, KY, over the five-year period starting in 2004 reveals that there was a steady incline of almost 30% in the incident figures. Through this interval, almost 270 reports were filed annually with the local sheriff.