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The system for launching a Hancock County arrest warrant search is no different from that followed in other parts of KY. You go to the chosen state agency’s office with all the information you have about the subject, put this down on paper along with details about yourself, pay a fee, and wait for the results.

The mail option is always available for those who are not exceptionally keen on making the long drive down to the agency office. However, it can take days to receive a response through the postal service. The fastest option to find out about Hancock County arrest records and outstanding warrants is to avail of an online agency’s services.

These are private vendors of crime history data, but they collect the information for their repositories through state sources. So, they often have a more extensive database than that of the local police because they find out about arrests and the release of active warrants from all over the country.

The only drawback of choosing to go with a third-party site is that you will not get a formal background report, let alone one that is notarized. This is a facility that is currently only being offered by the state agencies given below. Your choice will also be made simpler if you understand that you will end up paying for the inquiry in both cases.

  • The office of the sheriff: 225 Main Cross St, Hawesville, Kentucky 42348
  • The court of the magistrate: As above
  • The department of the county clerk: PO Box 580, Hawsville, Kentucky 42348

From 2004 onwards, only about 25 criminal cases were lodged in Hancock County, Kentucky, per annum. Of these incidents, approximately 3% were violent in nature. Furthermore, there was a growth of almost 100% in the rate of violent crime and a consequential increase of 30% in reported criminal activity.