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If you are interested in learning about outstanding warrants from Pulaski County, Kentucky, it will help you to read about the application procedure for such an inquiry and the government and private agencies that offer details on active warrants issued in the area. The first choice of most people who are keen on a warrant search is understandably the sheriff’s office.

This agency does merit the number one spot on the list of government sources of criminal history information by virtue of the fact that the police apprehend criminals and process the offenders, place requests for arrest warrants, and produce the suspect in court upon arrest. So, they are involved in the case from the start till the end.

Another thing to consider here is that the cops will also be able to give you details on all dangerous, anti-social elements working out of your neighborhood through a most-wanted list available on their website http://www.pulaskisheriff.com/mostwanted.htm. Apart from this, if you are interested in generic information like crime statistics for your neighborhood, these can also be sought from the sheriff’s office.

In contrast, the magistrate court and the county clerk’s office, which is in charge of preparing and recording the court dockets, will be able to furnish a more wide brushed report including information on other legal instruments like search orders, bench warrants, and the like. In fact, you can also get details on civil cases from the clerk of court’s office. To connect with these agencies, use the details listed below.

  • Law enforcement: PO Box 752, 100 N Main St, Somerset, Kentucky 42502
  • Judiciary: 100 N Main St, Somerset, KY 42501
  • County clerk: PO Box 724, Somerset, Kentucky 42502

How do you request information on Pulaski County warrants and arrests over the phone? (As of 2021)  

  • You will get details on recent arrests from the Pulaski County Jail- 606- 678-4315.
  • You can do a warrant search through the District Court- 606- 677-4112.
  • You will get arrest records and police reports from the Sheriff’s Office- 606- 678-5145.
  • You can get judicial records from the Office of the Clerk of Court- 606- 677-4029.
  • You can get victim’s assistance from the Pulaski County Attorneys’ Office- 606-679-4449.

Crime statistics of Pulaski County

In 2019, the Pulaski County Police filed 345 criminal cases, as opposed to the 39 crimes handled in the previous year. These included 315 crimes against property and 30 crimes against persons.

Of the property crimes, 124 were larceny-thefts, 135 were burglaries, and 56 were motor vehicle thefts. Of the violent crimes 14 were aggravated assaults, 13 were rapes and 3 were robberies.

Older crime statistics

Pulaski County, KY figures in the middle of the state’s crime scale, with annual incident figures, seldom going over the 1500 case mark. The violent crime rate is exceptionally low at less than 5% of this figure. However, this category of crime has clocked over 25% in the 5 years from 2004 to 2008.