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Woodford County, Kentucky arrest warrants can be found with the office of the sheriff, the magistrate’s court, as well as the department of the clerk of court. The root source of such orders is the local criminal tribunal. Yet, it cannot be ignored that several justice agencies involve themselves in the task of warrant issue and execution.

For instance, the police have to execute all arrest orders, but they don’t always wait for the judiciary to issue a detention decree of its own accord. In fact, the tribunal cannot release active warrants in Woodford County suo moto. This means that the police have to file a petition for such orders before the court considers granting them.

This should explain how and why information on outstanding warrants finds its way to the magistrate’s office and the sheriff’s department. The clerk of court’s office can also be used to conduct a warrant search in Woodford County. This agency gets involved because they are in charge of keeping the court dockets.

To collect trial-related information, a deputy from the county clerk’s office will be present throughout the court session, whether the matter being heard is civil or criminal. So, the clerk of court will not only be able to find Woodford arrest warrants for you, but also this office will be able to provide information on bench warrants, arrest records, search decrees, and more.

  • Police: 103 S Main St, Versailles, Kentucky 40383
  • The court: 103 S Main St, Versailles, KY 40383
  • The clerk of court: 103 South Main Street, Versailles, Kentucky 4038

Who should you be calling for details about Woodford County warrants and recent arrests? (Updated in 2021)   

  • Take your inquiries pertaining to inmate search and recent arrests to Woodford County Jail-859- 873-3196.
  • Take your requests for police reports, such as arrest records to the Sheriff’s Office- 859- 873-3119.
  • Take your warrant search request to the Woodford County District Court- 859- 879-9871.
  • Take your inquiries pertaining to judicial records to the Clerk of Court- 859- 873-3711.
  • Take your questions about victim’s assistance to the Woodford County Attorney’s Office- 859- 873-5001.

Crime statistics of Woodford County

Woodford County’s yearly crime average decreased by 50% in 2019, to reach 14 incidents. Furthermore, all these complaints involved property crimes and no reports were filed against violent crimes. Larceny-theft accounted for 12 of the property crime complaints, while burglaries accounted for just 1 of them.

Older crime statistics

Woodford County, KY witnesses the occurrence of almost 400 crimes every year. While this is certainly not the worst crime scene in the state, the area has an exceptionally high violent crime rate which stands at almost 20% of the annual average.