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A Montgomery County, Kentucky arrest warrant is a court order against an individual suspected of having committed a crime. Although the person in question can be apprehended even when there isn’t a judicial order to back his detention, strict legal guidelines have to be followed when an individual is to be held without an active warrant.

For one, such detention can only occur when this person is taken into custody as he is committing the crime or trying to leave the crime scene. The officers in charge need to have probable cause before they detain a person. If this is not the case, they will have just created a dent in the prosecution’s case when the matter does go to trial.

The availability of an outstanding warrant gives cops additional powers when it comes to nabbing the accused. For instance, the police can break into the offender’s house or take him into custody from any public area. Also, the use of force is allowed if necessary to nab the suspect. Another factor to consider when talking about Montgomery County arrest warrants is that they help get the word out about the pending detention of a person to all law enforcement personnel.

Information on arrest records and warrants is stored in an FBI-hosted repository accessible to police officers from all over the country. As an individual interested in a warrant search, you cannot gain access to this database. However, you can get in touch with one of the state agencies mentioned below to find out about any warrants against a person.

  • Law enforcement: 1 Court St, Mt Sterling, Kentucky 40353
  • Judiciary: 44 W Main St, Mt Sterling, KY 40353
  • County clerk: PO Box 414, Mount Sterling, Kentucky 40353

Almost 3700 criminal incidents were reported in Montgomery County, KY, from 2004 to 2008. This brought the annual crime rate to almost 750 incidents and the daily criminal occurrence to nearly 2 incidents. The most disconcerting fact has been the growth of almost 70% in the region’s crime rates.