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While people are not provided an option to do a Warren County, Kentucky warrant search online, you won’t have to travel far and wide in search of information on locally issued arrest warrants. Because the office of local law enforcement, the county clerk, and the magistrate all work out of the local courthouse, one trip is all it will take to get extensive details on your subject’s background.

So, for a warrant search, head over to the county courthouse at 429 East 10th Street, Bowling Green, Kentucky 4210. Once there, you can pick the agency office that you would like to approach, although all three offices are just a few steps away from each other. If you are merely looking for crime-related data about a certain individual or even if you are interested in generic details about the illicit occurrences in your neighborhood, the sheriff’s department will be the ideal choice for you.

You can get specifics on all outstanding warrants from Warren County against the subject of your research and find a most-wanted list and crime statistics for all the county’s geographical divisions with this office. In contrast, if you are looking for details on a specific criminal matter, including the evidence submitted in the case when filing for the Warren County active warrant, try the magistrate’s court.

The representative of the sitting judge is in charge of recording data on all matters heard by the bench. This includes pre warrant trials, petitions for search orders, the release of bench warrants, and more. The office of the county clerk has the job of recording trial proceedings in the form of the court dockets. This is done for the criminal as well as the civil tribunals. So, the clerk of court of Warren County can help you to search for arrest records and warrants through the entire judicial network of the state.

Between 1999 and 2008, the reported crime levels increased by a whopping 20% plus for Warren County, KY. Fortunately, the violent incidents’ scenario did not seem as bleak as incident rates plunged by 4% through this interval. On average, almost 3400 criminal complaints are filed in the area every year, and approximately 10% of these are against violent crimes.