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It is easy to find Rowan County, Kentucky arrest records and warrants if you start your search with a clear idea about the agencies that hold information on these judicial directives and how they are involved in the process of warrant issue. For instance, most people would advise a person looking for details on active warrants to head downtown to the police headquarters.

However, did you know that copies of Rowan County outstanding warrants are also kept by the magistrate’s court and the county clerk’s office? Because the court issues all legal provisions, including arrest warrants, search orders, and bench warrants, they will certainly have all information about these directives, including the original affidavit filed by the cops to procure such orders.

In contrast, the office of the county clerk participates indirectly in the process. This agency neither issues the warrants nor executes them. Yet, they are in charge of maintaining the database of court dockets which has information on all trials held in the courts of the area.

Because the pre-warrant hearing is considered as the very first court session held in a criminal matter, it is obvious that a deputy from the county clerk’s office will be present during the proceedings. So, people who want to get a warrant search done or look for arrest records in Rowan County can head to:

  • The sheriff’s: Rowan County Courthouse, 627 E Main Street, Morehead, Kentucky 40351
  • The magistrate’s: 627 E Main St, Morehead, KY 40351
  • The county clerk’s: As above

If you want to know about Rowan County outstanding warrants and arrests over the phone, which agencies can help? (2021-Update)   

  • To know about arrests, contact the Rowan County Jail at 606-784-8457.
  • To get an incident report/arrest report, contact the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office at 606-784-5446.
  • To get a Rowan County warrant search done, call the District Court at 859- 498-6622/606-783-8515.
  • To get help and information for victims, contact the Rowan County Attorney’s Office at 606- 784-4640.
  • To get access to criminal court records, contact the Clerk of Court at 606- 783-8505

Crime statistics of Rowan County

In 2019, the annual crime rate of Rowan County increased by 7%. The yearly average went from 79 incidents in 2018 to nearly 73 cases. Of the complaints filed, almost 65 were against property crimes. The violent crime category led to the filing of approximately 8 reports.

Older crime statistics

Rowan County, KY, is another area of the state where the annual crime rate seldom goes beyond the 150 incident mark. The violent crime rate stands at around 5% of the annual figure. Another piece of good news for the residents is the 3 figure decrease in the region’s annual crime rates.