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If you are looking for Jessamine County, Kentucky arrest warrants related information, you can go to the office of the sheriff. This agency is located at 101 S 2nd St, Nicholasville, Kentucky 40356 and they will accept applications for a warrant search from the general public as well as organizational applicants.

You can also go to the office of the magistrate which issues all Jessamine County active warrants. Because the judiciary is also in charge of releasing other legal provisions, you will be able to find details on search orders, bench warrants as well as subpoenas from this source. Also, the magistrate’s court will be able to furnish details on a specific matter if you have information on the case number and the name of the defendant.

An advantage of approaching this state agency is that they have the original affidavit filed with the court which has a mention of the proof available against the defendant. So, getting in touch with this office can certainly be useful for the legal counsel of a suspect. To get in touch with a representative of the judge, you can go to 107 N Main St, Nicholasville, KY 40356.

When searching for information on Jessamine County outstanding warrants, also get in touch with the office of the county clerk. This office bears all information pertaining to criminal and civil matters that were heard by the local tribunals. Court dockets are prepared for all matters, be they criminal or non-criminal. The county clerk and his deputies work out of 102 North Main, Nicholasville, Kentucky 40356

Over 800 crimes are reported in Jessamine County, KY every year. Of these only about 3% of the cases are found to involve violent incidents. The remaining 97% of the matters are attributed to property crimes.On an average, at least 2 crimes take place in the area on a daily basis and in half these instances the victim is only about a mile from his home or office.