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Jefferson County, Kentucky arrest warrants are commonplace given the sheer number of criminal incidents that occur in the area each year. This alone should justify the need for a warrant search before you strike up new friendships and business associations. However, most people ignore the need to search for active warrants simply because they think it to be an arduous task.

If you are looking for information on outstanding warrants from Jefferson County, you have two options. You can choose to approach a private vendor of public records who maintains a database online or get in touch with a state agency that disseminates information on arrest records and warrants from the area.

In Case you choose to go with the latter, you need to understand that not everybody has been given the liberty to scroll through Jefferson County active warrants related information and crime data. In fact, you would have to fall in a certain employer category to get a detailed background report on the subject of your inquiry.

Also, the data offered will be restricted to cases that resulted in a guilty verdict. In contrast, if you consider the services of an internet-based information provider, you can find arrest records from Jefferson County along with information on all detention order releases, including bench warrants, without taking a step outside your home.

For this, you will need to fill the form on top of this webpage. If you would rather get your warrant search done through a government source, try:

  • The sheriff: 531 Court Place Ste 604, Louisville, Kentucky 40202
  • The magistrate: 600 W Jefferson St, Louisville, KY 40202
  • The clerk of court: 527 West Jefferson Street Room 204, Louisville, Kentucky 40202

Who should you be calling for details about Jefferson County warrants and recent arrests? (Updated in 2021)   

  • 502-574-2167 -Call for information about recent arrests.
  • 502-574-6336 -Call for victim’s assistance
  • 502-595-3060 -Call for details on warrants
  • 502- 574-5400 -Call for arrest records and incident/accident report
  • 502- 595-3055 -Call for initiating a search for judicial records

Over the decade that ended in 2008, a whopping 260,000 plus criminal incidents occurred in Jefferson County, KY. So, annually, no less than 26,000 crime complaints were filed with the local police. Of these occurrences, violent crime accounted for 12% or an estimated 3200 cases per annum. Through this time period, both violent and reported crime showed a growth of over 50%.