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Meade County, Kentucky arrest warrants enter the state’s justice system when cops put in a formal request for these detention orders with the local judicial authority. Because an active warrant is, in fact, a judicial directive to peace officers for apprehending an alleged offender, the court must be included in the process of warrant issue.

The sitting magistrate is appointed as an impartial entity who has to decide whether there is enough information with the police to actually blame the individual in question for the crime that has taken place. The judge decides this based on the evidence presented in the affidavit. If this is not sufficient, the judiciary retains the authority to call in the witnesses for sworn testimony.

In either case, a Meade County active warrant will only be issued once probable cause has been ascertained. Since a proper court session is held to deliberate on the information provided in the affidavit, the county clerk’s department is also called in to attend the trial as they have to save the information presented before the bench in the court dockets.

Finally, this document is handed over to the representatives of the sheriff’s office, who take it to the law enforcement agency’s court services division. From here, information about it is sourced out to all the deputies till the warrant is active. Once this order becomes pending, all details about this outstanding warrant from Meade County are relayed to the FBI. From here, this data is included in the national warrants database. For a Meade warrant search, you can approach:

  • The police: 516 Fairway Dr, Brandenburg, Kentucky 40108
  • The county clerk: PO Box 614, Brandenburg, Kentucky 40108
  • The court of the magistrate: 516 Fairway Dr, Brandenburg, KY 40108

Who should you contact if you need information on recent arrests and warrants in Meade County? (By 2021)    

  • To learn about recent arrests, contact the Meade County Jail at 270- 422-2546.
  • To receive arrest records and incident reports, contact the Sheriff’s Office at 270- 422-4937.
  • To initiate a warrant search, call the District Court at 270-422-4961.
  • To get help and information for victims, contact the Meade County Attorney’s Office at 270-422-4848.
  • To get information on how to do a criminal case search, contact the Clerk of Court at 270- 422-4961.

Crime statistics of Meade County

Due to the decrease of 8% in Meade County’s yearly crime average, around 136 criminal complaints were submitted in 2019, compared to 149 in 2018. Nearly 120 of these reports were submitted for property offenses, while the rest were for violent offenses.

Around 48 burglaries and 52 larceny thefts were reported as property offenses. The violent offenses reported included 12 assaults.

Older crime statistics

The Meade County, KY police received a little over 100 complaints from 2004 to 2008, so the area’s annual crime rate stood at just about 250 incidents. At less than 5% of the annual crime rate, the number of violent criminal acts did not pose too much cause for concern either. However, there was a spurt of almost 12% in the rate of overall criminal acts; fortunately, this was offset by the drop of nearly 25% in the rate of violent crimes.