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Floyd County arrest warrants-related data is maintained by all state agencies that have a hand in the issue of such orders. This includes the sheriff’s department, the county clerk’s office, and the magistrate’s court. So, when you need to get a warrant search done, you can approach any one of these government offices at:

  • The sheriff’s: Court St, Prestonsburg, Kentucky 41653
  • The magistrate’s: 127 S. Lake Drive, Prestonsburg, KY 41653
  • The county clerk’s: 149 South Central Avenue Room 1, Prestonsburg, Kentucky 41653

While all three agencies will be able to get information on active warrants from Floyd County for you, do not expect them to throw in a detailed background report which outlines past arrest records as well. In fact, this information will be held back pursuant to the privacy acts of the state.

An exhaustive crime history report is only made available for agencies that provide any service to individuals who are not in complete control of their faculties. For regular warrant searches in Floyd County, you will only be provided brief details on when and why an active warrant was issued. This, too, is done only for cases which are pending in the system for a while.

In other words, you won’t be provided with details on cases that are currently under investigation. In fact, as an individual applicant, a far better approach to finding information on Floyd County outstanding warrants will be to use an online database of records. Fill the form given above to get your hands on countrywide arrest records and active warrants-related information.

Who can help you with an over-the-phone warrant search and arrests inquiry in Floyd County? (2021- Update)         

  • Call the Floyd County Jail for arrests-information: 606-886-8021.
  • Call the Sheriff’s Office for arrest records, incident and accident reports: 606- 886-6711.       
  • Call the District Court for information about active warrants: 606- 889-1661/606- 889-1816.            
  • Call the Clerk of Court for judicial records inquiries: 606- 889-1672.
  • Call the Floyd County Prosecutor’s Office for victim’s assistance: 606-886-0926.


Crime statistics of Floyd County

Between 2018 and 2019, the annual crime average of County increased by almost 7%. As opposed to the incident rate of almost 51 cases in 2018, in the following year, only about 55 complaints were filed with the Sheriff’s Office. Of these complaints, around 50 were against property crimes and 5 were against violent crimes.

Older crime statistics

Floyd County, KY, does not seem to have a big problem with crime, given the fact that less than 300 cases are reported in the area every year. Of these instances, only about 12 are acts of violent crime. On the whole, there has been an improvement in this crime category with a drop of almost 20% in the incident rates. In contrast, overall crime did increase by over 31%.