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The court of the magistrate is in charge of issuing all legal instruments. So, Greenup County, Kentucky arrest warrants and search orders are released by the local tribunal along with summons and bench warrants. However, the difference in these two categories of judicial instruments is that with search orders and active warrants, the court has to depend on the cops to furnish a proper complaint.

As opposed to this, when it comes to Greenup County bench warrants and subpoenas, the court has the discretion to release these without an affidavit from local law enforcement. Also, these orders come with a finite validity, so they will expire over time. In contrast, an active warrant will remain valid for as long as it takes to apprehend the accused.

You can also find out about legal instruments including outstanding warrants from Greenup County from the office of the clerk of court.A representative of the county clerk is present during all trials, be they criminal or civil. This deputy is in charge of recording all trial related information in the court dockets. Fortunately, the department of the county clerk does grant access to their database of dockets.

The sheriff’s office will also be able to help you in all matter pertaining to criminal cases that occurred in the area. If you need to get a warrants search done against a specific person, the police can find out about any active warrants against this individual. You can also request information on Greenup County’s most wanted through the law enforcement office. To get a warrant search done through these agencies, head over to:

  • The sheriff’s department: PO Box 318, Greenup, Kentucky 41144
  • The magistrate’s court: 101 Harrison St, Greenup, KY 41144
  • The county clerk’s office: PO Box 686, Greenup, Kentucky 41144

Of the estimated 260 crimes that occur in Greenup County, KY every year only about 10 cases are filed in matters pertaining to violent crime while the remaining cases are lodged against property crimes.From 2004 onwards there has been an alarming growth of almost 80% in the rates of both violent and reported crime.