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In Morgan County, an arrest warrant search can be sought by just about anybody who would like to find out about the criminal past of an acquaintance. However, there is a difference in the amount of information offered to regular applicants vis a vis to statutorily authorized entities to request crime history checks in KY.

While members of law enforcement agencies and licensing bodies get access to complete crime history details, other applicants are restricted from accessing the information on cases that are still in the trial stage. So, if you were to launch an inquiry into the issue of active warrants in Morgan County, you will be told about criminal matters in which the jury ruled against the defendant, finding him guilty as charged.

However, if the case resulted in an acquittal or if the verdict is not out as yet, you will not receive information on these cases. So, even after numerous arrests, you may not find an iota worth of information on these detentions unless a court finds the subject guilty. Another issue is that the details offered will be limited to Morgan County or Kentucky at the most.

So, if the subject has an outstanding warrant in his name from another state, you will not find information on these through your warrant search. A good way to circumvent these laws is to use an online entity’s services to find details on Morgan arrest records and warrants. For this, fill the form above. If you prefer to go through a state agency, you can approach:

  • The sheriff’s: 505 Prestonsburg St, West Liberty, Kentucky 41472
  • The magistrate’s: 518 Main St, West Liberty, KY 41472
  • The county clerk’s: 450 Prestonsburg Street, West Liberty, Kentucky 41472

How can you get a copy of an arrest report or information on outstanding warrants from Morgan County over the phone? (Updated-2021)    

  • Call the Morgan County Jail at 606-743-3053 for information on arrests and prisoners.
  • Contact the Sheriff’s Office at 606- 743-3613 for arrest records and police reports.
  • Call the District Court at 606- 743-3763 for information about arrest warrants.
  • Call the Morgan County Attorney’s Office at 606-743-9548 for victim’s assistance.

Crime statistics of Morgan County

Morgan County’s yearly crime average increased by 45% in 2019, reaching 16 incidents. Violent crimes led to the filing of 2 complaints, both of which were filed against serious assault. Larceny-theft accounted for 7 of the property crime complaints, while burglaries accounted for 5 of them.

Older crime statistics

The Morgan County sheriff’s department ends up dealing with no more than 40 crimes a year. This puts the area in the list of the geographical divisions of Kentucky with the lowest crime rates. Despite the figures, residents are worried about the nearly 80% jump in the overall crime rate and the doubling of violent crime numbers.