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If you are interested in learning more about the criminal records of Daviess County, arrest warrants issued against a specific individual, or would like to acquaint yourself with the safety quotient of your neighborhood, the sheriff’s department will be the right state agency to approach. The police also make it a point to put up information and pictures of the area’s most wanted at their offices. So, as far as crime is concerned, nobody can offer more and better information than the cops.

If your search is to be more focused and you would like to learn more about any nefarious acts that a person of your knowledge has been involved in, getting a warrant search conducted will certainly help. This kind of inquiry will get you a detailed report on all Daviess County outstanding warrants against your subject.

However, as a civilian applicant, you are barred from accessing in-depth crime background information. This facility is only available for organizations in a specific category, usually, establishments that offer care and any form of service to disabled individuals, aged people, and children. Often, a person may not have a shady criminal past. Still, his involvement in civil litigations may give you an insight into how safe it would be to associate with this individual in a professional capacity.

The magistrate’s office and the county clerk’s department, which has the court dockets, will be able to assist you in finding all the Daviess County active warrants in the name of the subject also can offer details on all civil matters that he is associated with.

The sheriff’s office, the magistrate’s court, and the county clerk’s department are all located at the county courthouse at 212 South Anne Street, Owensboro, Kentucky 42302. You have to walk in and request the information you need. You will have to furnish information about yourself and the subject and might even have to pay a small fee to initiate the inquiry for the arrest records and warrants you are inquiring about.

Nearly 21,000 crimes took place in the area from 1999 to 2008. Through this period, the rate of violent crime stood at almost 1200. These figures can be used to calculate the annual crime rate, which is found to be at 2100 cases per annum, while the violent crime rate is observed to be at about 10% of this average. Overall, there has been a distinctive improvement in the crime scenario of Daviess County, KY, with both violent and reported crimes plunging by just about 300%.