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In Johnson County, Kentucky, arrest warrants are issued in the same way they are in the rest of the country. To procure an active warrant from the local tribunal that handles criminal matters, the sheriff’s office has to file a formal request. This affidavit serves as the basis for the hearing in which the judge deliberates upon the probable cause.

Although a member of the state prosecution team may not be present at the pre warrant hearing, the investigating officers attend the session to ensure that witnesses can be called in at any point if need be. Once released, the order, which is now called an active warrant from Johnson County, is taken to the court services division of the local sheriff’s office.

A deputy from the county clerk’s office is also in the courtroom when the judge hears the matter. This is done to ensure that the clerk has a full account of the proceedings, which can be recorded in the court dockets. After the person in question is arrested, the warrant is returned to the magistrate’s court so that the judiciary also keeps Johnson County arrest records.

Till such time that the warrant is executed, the pending detention directive is called an outstanding warrant. The local police ensure that information about such orders is relayed to peace officers from all over the country by sending it to the FBI. This way, local warrants can be included in the national crime database. However, for a Johnson warrant search, you will have to rely on the justice agencies in your area, which can be found at:

  • Police: 342-2nd St, Paintsville, Kentucky 41240
  • The court: 109 3rd St, Paintsville, KY 41240
  • The clerk of court: 230 Court Street, Suite 124, Paintsville, Kentucky 41240

Between 2004 and 2008, nearly 800 crimes were committed in Johnson County, KY. This puts the annual incident figure at nearly 170 occurrences. There was a growth of almost 40% in the rate of violent crime through this interval, while overall crime figures lagged, logging an increase of just 10%.